70 - Information Technology (GS-35F-0620P)








Schedule for Information Technology Professional Services

Federal Supply Group:


Contract Number:


Contract Period:

June 25, 2004 through June 24, 2014


Gnomon, Inc.
1601 Fairview Drive, Suite F
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-885-2305
Fax: 775-885-2305

Contract Administrator:

Yvette Kvasnicka
1601 Fairview Drive, Suite F
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-885-2305 ext. 206
Fax: 775-885-2305
Email: ykvasnicka@gnomon.com

Director of Services:

Eric Ingbar
1601 Fairview Drive, Suite F
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-885-2305 ext. 201
Fax: 775-885-2305
email: eingbar@gnomon.com

GSA Contracting Officer:

Naomi Thompson
Phone: 703-605-2712
Email: Naomi.thompson@gsa.gov



Business Size:

Small, Woman Owned Business



Maximum Order:


Minimum Order:


Geographic Scope of Contract:

48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Alaska

Points of Production:

Carson City, Nevada

Time of Delivery:

Specified on the Task Order

FOB Points:

FOB Destination

Central Contractor

Active, CAGE Code: 1RP85



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Gnomon is pleased to offer services under Special Item Number (SIN) 132-51 and 132-51STLOC

  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance (FPDS CODE D301)
  • IT Systems Development Services (FPDS CODE D302)
  • IT Systems Analysis Services (FPDS Code D306)
  • Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services (FPDS Code D307)
  • Programming Services (FPDS Code D308)
  • IT Backup and Security Services (FPDS Code D310)
  • IT Data Conversion Services (FPDS Code D311)
  • Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services (FPDS Code D313)
  • IT Network Management Services (FPDS Code D316)

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GSA has developed an extensive web site to facilitate ordering. You should refer to http://pub.fss.gsa.gov/customers.cfm for additional information. From that page you can access the Schedule E-library search features to locate "Gnomon, Inc." specific information. You can also access GSA Advantage page which provides government agencies with on-line acquisition services.

  1. For orders up to $2,500: Develop a Scope of Work (SOW) and have your procurement office place the order directly with Gnomon, Inc.
  2. For orders over $2,500: Develop a performance-based SOW, send a Request for Quote to at least three GSA contractors, evaluate the quotes based on your best value criteria, and place the order with the selected contractor.
  3. In order to further decrease costs, reduce paperwork, and save time, access Gnomon, Inc. directly by establishing a Blanket Purchase Agreement. Contact Gnomon, Inc. for details.

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Gnomon, Inc., located in Carson City, Nevada, has undertaken more than 400 projects since its organization in 1994. Gnomon computes, analyzes, and automates management data. We design, implement, and maintain database and GIS, delivering information to end users via local communications networks and the Internet. Our GIS applications advance resource management, land use planning, regulatory compliance, engineering, and research. Services include needs assessment, system design, product creation, custom interface programming, project management, and data conversion. We maintain an inventory of software that includes ArcGIS, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, AutoCAD, ArcView, MapInfo, various COGO packages, SQLServer, FoxPRO, and MS-Access. Gnomon, Inc. has large format plotters, and a variety of field mapping tools. Gnomon, Inc. is an ESRI-authorized reseller and Value Added Retailer.

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GSA has determined that the prices for services contained in the price list applicable to this schedule are fair and reasonable. However, the ordering office using this contract is responsible for considering the level of effort and mix of labor proposed to perform a specific task being ordered and for making a determination that the total firm-fixed price or ceiling price is fair and reasonable.

Awarded hourly rates for all labor categories for SIN 132-51 and 132-51STLOC.

GSA Contract Number GS-35F-0620P
6/25/2004 through 6/24/2014
Multiple Award Federal Supply Schedule Contract for:
Special Item No. 132-51
Information Technology (IT) Professional Services
Special Item No. 132-51STLOC

Labor Categories

Hourly Rates

Principal/Director (PD)


Director of Programming (P1)


Programmer (P2)


Project Manager (PM)


System Designer 1 (SD1)


Data Analyst 1 (DA1)


Data Analyst 2 (DA2)


Data Technician 1 (DT1)


Data Technician 2 (DT2)


Data Technician 3 (DT3)


The labor category that falls under the requirements of the Service Contract Act (SCA) (i.e., non-exempt labor categories) is identified in the matrix below.

SCA Matrix

SCA Eligible Contract Labor Category

SCA Equivalent Code - Title

WD Number

Data Technician 3

01052 - Data Entry Operator


The Service Contract Act (SCA) is applicable to this contract and it includes an SCA applicable labor category. The prices for the indicated SCA labor category is based on the U.S. Department of Labor and Wage Determination Number(s) identified in the matrix. The price offered is based on the preponderance of where work is performed and should the contractor perform in an area with lower SCA rates, resulting in lower wages being paid, the task order prices will be discounted accordingly.

Labor Category Description

Job Title: Principal/Director
Minimum Education/Experience: Masters Degree in related scientific and technical discipline. Minimum five years of managerial and supervisory experience and ten years in specialized experience.
Functional Responsibility: Responsible for the overall vision and direction of company as well as responsible for the general direction and control of client accounts. Participates in project strategy sessions, strategic assessments and design reviews to validate enterprise approach and associated work products. Provides guidance and direction to other professionals, acts in a consulting and/or advisory capacity; coordinates resolution of highly complex problems and tasks, possesses ability to meet and operate under deadlines. Provides guidance to internal client teams and ensures that all critical client issues are addressed, as well as providing management and technical direction to designated project managers.

Job Title: Senior Programmer
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, a related discipline, or equivalent knowledge and experience. Minimum of eight years of professional experience in related software development and/or maintenance areas where ability for creative problem solving has been demonstrated; two years of supervisory experience desirable.
Functional Responsibility: Leads in the development and maintenance of complex software system(s) throughout the software life cycle (i.e., requirements analysis through maintenance). Usually functions in a task leader capacity, providing technical guidance and supervision to other exempt/non-exempt personnel. Responsible for investigating the feasibility of the basic design on proposed new tasks/projects. Responsible for technical direction and completion of all design details and for total system level testing and analysis. Applies creativity in achieving near-optimum system design and function.

Job Title: Programmer 2
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree, preferably in area of related discipline. Minimum of four years professional experience in related field.
Functional Responsibility: Involved with many phases of application programming such as VB, ASP, Powerbuilder; data migration, stored procedure - SQL server; field solutions - GPS and GIS integration, handhelds, I/O streams/syncronization (ESRI ArcPad, WindowsCE devices); GIS Automation Processes; GIS interface customization; performance optimization; XML (schema, DTD). As well, the Programmer assists in developing test routines.

Job Title: Project Manager
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree, preferably in area of managerial responsibility or related discipline. Advanced degree or Project Management Professional certification desirable. Minimum of eight years professional experience in related field.
Functional Responsibility: Plans, directs, and manages projects/contracts at the program/project level. Responsible for managing and overseeing work performance on one or more projects. Holds primary responsibility for planning, managing, and overseeing work efforts of project team personnel, determining and monitoring project schedules and budgets, and/or ensuring compliance with all contract and project requirements and quality standards. Serves as the primary interface with the customer. Demonstrates skills in the scope of work encompassed by the project, provides technical guidance to the project team in performance of the work, and provides quality review of all work products. May work under the supervision of the Director or may work independently.

Job Title: System Designer 1
Minimum Education/Experience: Masters Degree and eight years applicable experience, or Bachelors Degree and ten years applicable experience.
Functional Responsibility: Designs and applies advanced methods, theories, and research techniques in the investigation and solutions of complex and difficult systems design requirements and problems. Analyzes, designs, develops, implements, tests, or evaluates system components related to engineering or functional requirements of operation systems, support systems, or management information systems. Organizes and documents findings of studies and prepares recommendations of implementation.

Job Title: Data Analyst 1
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree in computer science, mathematics or other closely related fields or five years of equivalent experience. Knowledge of current storage and retrieval methods; one year of system analysis experience designing technical applications on computer systems; and demonstrated ability to formulate specifications for computer programmers to use in coding, testing, and debugging of computer programs.
Functional Responsibility: Provides technical knowledge and analysis of highly specialized applications, including integration and conversion. Designs and prepares technical reports, studies and related documentation. Designs, implements, and maintains complex databases.

Job Title: Data Analyst 2
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree or three years of equivalent experience in a related field. Must have three years of computer experience in assignments of a technical nature working under close supervision and direction. At least one year of experience in analyzing and programming applications on large-scale or mid-tier computers (or LAN-based) with a minimum of one year of experience designing and programming moderately complex IT systems.
Functional Responsibility: Designs, implements, and maintains moderately complex databases; maintains database dictionaries and integrates systems through database design. Prepares and maintains records and operations documentation, procedures and methods, including environmental reports and other documents.

Job Title: Data Technician 1
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors Degree or three years of equivalent experience in a related field. Must have three years of computer experience in assignments of a technical nature working under close supervision and direction.
Functional Responsibility: Supervises all data entry activities. Assigns work to personnel and directs their activities; reviews and evaluates their work and prepares performance reports. Has excellent familiarity with CAD in assessment, land planning, and engineering settings, and in integration of CAD and GIS data. Assists in creating integrated management systems, and information conversion.

Job Title: Data Technician 2
Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelor’s Degree or two years of equivalent experience in document processing activities, such as edit and consistency checks, quality control checks, coding, editing, analysis of survey data and solving reporting problems. Experienced, trained, or certified in implementation-related technologies.
Functional Responsibility: Under direct supervision, assists with data collection and database population, data conversion, data entry and update, accessing data for report preparation, as well as scanning and digitizing spatial data.

Job Title: Data Technician 3
Minimum Education/Experience: High school diploma or equivalent training and experience. The completion of some college level work is desirable. Minimum one year of related experience is required.
Functional Responsibility: Under direct supervision, operates data entry devices in recording a variety of data; verifies data entered; performs related clerical duties. May be required to access data from various sources. Responsible for assisting with data collection, population, and verification.

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